Voluntary Annexation
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Property owners may contact the City Planning & Development Department for guidance on voluntary annexation and information on future land use plans for the City of Warrenton.  

Property owners interested in joining the City of Warrenton may voluntary annex the unincorporated property into the city limits. To be eligible the property must be contiguous (touching) the city limits of Warrenton. Contact the City of Warrenton Planning & Development Department to determine if the property is contiguous or non-contiguous. Once a property is annexed, the owner/owners are entitled to the full range of services provided by the City at this location.

Once the decision is made to voluntary annex, the property owner/owners need to complete a “Petition Requesting Annexation Into The City of Warrenton.” All individuals listed on the deed to the property must complete and sign the petition in the presence of a Notary Public or the City Clerk of Warrenton. After the petition has been completed, signed and notarized, return it to the Planning & Development Department or City Clerk. 

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