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In an effort to deter crime, officers work closely with local business owners, managers, and their employees. Officers are assigned to businesses by zone area, to give them extra attention. Each officer provides them with information on current crime trends such as lost or stolen checks, travelers check/credit card fraud, counterfeit currency, robbery deterrence, and internal theft. For further information or to speak with an officer concerning business crime, e-mail or phone us.

Area elementary students are visited several times throughout the school year by officers who talk with them about staying safe. Topics like Bike Safety, Safe Walkers, Home Alone Safety, Phoning for Help, and Stranger Awareness are discussed. Children are also fingerprinted in Operation Kid Print. All materials used by the Department are provided by the National Child Safety Council and sponsored by the Warrenton area Business and Civic organizations.

C.O.M.P.A.C.T.T. = The Community and the Police Acting Together to prevent crime, through cooperation and communication between the officers and the citizens they are sworn to protect.

The Department has an officer who is certified as an instructor for Adult & Infant CPR. If you are interested in training your group or organization, contact the police department. There is a nominal fee for this course, which covers training materials, based on the number of participants.

The National Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse recognizes substance use disorder as the leading contributor to death and injury among young people. The NCADA Prevention "Refuse to Lose" program replaced D.A.R.E. in our public schools. The program is a step program that progresses with the child through their school career. The program provides lessons on tobacco, e-cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, prescription dugs, and heroin abuse. It also empowers children to formulate good decisions:
• Build resiliency skills in youth, kindergarten through college
• Create better learners and more cooperative students
• Develop skills to refuse peer pressure, build healthy friendships and make low-risk choices
• Create peer groups and leadership opportunities that promote  
          bonding to school and community

The Department provides public education in several areas, one of which is Domestic Violence. You may schedule a class for your group or organization.

To prevent residential crime and protect lives and property, the Department encourages citizens to get involved with their neighborhoods by forming Crime Watch Associations. Through a mutual effort, neighbor watches out for neighbor and reports any suspicious activity to the Police. Neighborhood Watch is available to residents under the direction of Chief Larry Ellard. If you are interested in starting a program in your neighborhood, contact Chief Ellard by phone or e-mail.

Students are shown the technology within a patrol car, including video recording equipment and radios.

Warrenton Police Department 636-456-3535

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